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We welcome all for Christian worship, fellowship and service, trusting God to transform our lives and the world.

Youth Sunday Formation

At Epiphany we believe in lifelong formation in Christian faith beginning at baptism.  Children are formed from infancy by attending worship as often as possible – absorbing the sounds, sights, rhythms and repetition of the prayers and practices.  
Birth – 3 years: Children are primarily in worship.  They are invited to participate by the rector on occasion, may use the “Wiggly Worship Space” if they need to stand and play a bit.  You are invited to sit toward the front so they can be visually engaged with what is going on.  Sounds during worship are most welcome signs of their life and energy!
Children ages 3-6: A Children’s Chapel with the Rector and adult leaders will be offered 6 times per year on a Saturday afternoon for an hour.  This will be a time to learn the rhythms and prayers of worship, receive some basic Eucharist education (though they may receive as soon as they are able to eat the bread), hear the foundational Bible stories and learn about Jesus’ life and love for us.
Children grades 2 – 8: Faith Formation Events will be offered 6 times per program year (on the same afternoons as Children’s Chapel). These will feature a seasonally appropriate faith-based lesson, Bible story, activity, discussion and/or service project.  We’ll end with fellowship over supper.
Youth Group (grades 7+): This group will meet twice a month for fellowship, community service, discussion of contemporary issues and more.
*All youth ages 8+ are invited to be acolytes, readers and ushers during worship.  Nearly all of our young people in this age group serve in one or more of these capacities with a range of responsibilities that can grow as they grow older.
Our children learn about worship, sing, pray and learn about Jesus’ love for them and for the whole world through all we do at Epiphany while practicing Christian values through service to those in need.  The most lasting and formative opportunity for our young people of every age is be present in worship with parents and loved one’s actively modeling and engaging them in the patterns of prayer, singing and Holy Communion.