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Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: Hope vs. Sorrow

Sorrow is everywhere,
It waits to swallow us up,
It is the shadows;
The clouds that block the sun.

Sorrow is ever so quiet,
Waiting for the right moment,
to darken our world,
and remove the very stars from the sky.

It can be huge,
and shatter the very ground that we stand on;
It can spring upon us without warning,
Or it can come slowly, creeping into our being.

Sorrow has power to destroy,
To wipe out hope or at least try
Hope has power too, a strong steady power
a power that engulfs the world we live in.

It is not afraid of the darkness,
No sorrow is too deep or too strong to destroy hope.
Hope is silent as the stillness of the night,
It is as noisy as the thunder bouncing off the walls of a canyon.

Hope is beneath our feet,
It is over our heads, it is in front of us and behind.
It is beside us and all around us,
Patiently waiting, waiting to kiss our darkness.

To heal all pain, to gather all sorrow
and hold it in its hand, gently caressing the darkness of the soul.
Ever so slowly laughter replaces tears,
Joy returns and peace fills each crevice of our being.

Hope is a gift, a gift that is freely given.
It is the laughter of a small child,
It is the smile on a wrinkled face framed with gray hair;
It resides in the heart of God.

Always ready, Always longing, Always waiting,
To fill the world,
To hang the stars,
To cup our chins and lift our faces and kiss the top of our heads.

God’s prayer for each of us is to feel that kiss;
to be filled with gentleness and love.
To be filled with hope and peace.
To know that we are each held in the very heart of Christ.




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