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Rev. Maryalice Sullivan: A trip into imagination

Today I spent the day at Universal Studio. The day was just as about as perfect as any day could be. It was warm, slightly cloudy with a gentle breeze. The park was filled with people, but certainly not over crowded. The lines at the rides moved quickly and, I have to say, the rides were great fun. By the time we left the park, darkness had settled in and the park was lit up with fireworks and a light show over the water, simply beautiful.

Perhaps at least for me, the best part was Harry Potter Land; yes, I am a big Harry Potter fan and I am now committed to going back and rereading the books. At Universal Park, it was like stepping inside the story. Even the train ride that took us from Universal to Islands of Adventure and then back again was resplendent with the images of the trip from London to Hogwart’s Castle and then back to London. With just a bit of imagination we could have seen Harry Potter himself riding in our car.

Of course there is a wand store and yes it was tempting to buy a wand, a cloak, a scarf, and even an owl, but I managed to leave the store without any of the above. Nevertheless many people both young and old gave way to the temptation and oh it was so tempting. Outside the stores in Diagon Alley there were medallions in the side walk and when you placed one foot on the medallion correctly and waved your new wand in a circle and managed to flip your wrist just right, magic actually happened. In one window there was a book and when you finally managed to do the right circle and right flip of the wrist the book opened and the objects inside the book seemed to come alive. It was a joy to watch young and old spend a great deal of time going from one medallion to another, bringing life to the objects in question. Ah, to have a magic wand! or perhaps some of Tinkerbell’s magic fairy dust, but now I am mixing parks. Tinkerbell will have to wait for another trip. For now I am ever so thankful for a day filled with fun and delight.




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