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We welcome all for Christian worship, fellowship and service, trusting God to transform our lives and the world.

Ministries of Care

There are may ways to be involved with the Pastoral Care Ministries.

* If you enjoy knitting, you could take part in the Prayer Shawl ministry. Prayer Shawls are knitted, blessed and presented to individuals who are in need of care. The shawls are a beautiful representation of the way this parish attends to its members.

* We have a number of members who are homebound. Parishioners maintain communication, schedules visits and keep these precious individuals active within the life of the parish.

* Coffee Hour Hosts: On Sundays, we gather in the parish hall after each service for coffee and tasty food and fellowship. If you love to bake or have a keen sense of hospitality, we would love your help as a host for coffee hour.

* Funeral Collations: When a member of the parish dies, the Fellowship Commission assists the families with the planning and execution of a lovely reception if they so desire.

* Epiphany is a friendly, welcoming place. If you would like to take part in the New Member ministry, that would be great! A welcome reception and ministry fair offer opportunities to become better acquainted with other members of the parish. Your help is greatly appreciated.

* The Meals-to-Members coordinates meals for members who might be struggling with grocery shopping or dinner preparation. Sometimes it is for new mothers, or members that have just lost a loved one, or someone struggling with employment. Our Meals to Members program is an important ministry within the parish. Let us know if you enjoy cooking!

* Special events, luncheons, fund raising dinners, and parish-wide activities that include a meal or require logistical preparation also help extend our ministry of joy and hospitality.

We always need more friends to join us in these efforts. Please be in touch if you feel this is a ministry to which you are called.