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Church Beyond the Walls

Lent 3 the Tweens served with CBW. After a brief introduction to the CBW ministry the Tweens went 11054738_10152782176688634_507131035_ostraight to work. Turkey and cheese, ham and cheese, egg salad and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were assembled while bagles were spread with cream cheese all while enjoying the company of each other.
After all the food was prepared, coffee was made and it was all packed into the cars, they all prayed.
11065147_10152782524348634_557620329_oUpon arriving at Burnside Park in Providence we layered on our rain gear and began to set up for their weekly service. It began to pour as people arrived and leaflets where handed out. As the service progressed more people popped in and out of the circle of people worshiping. Some stayed while others just passed through.
Once the service was complete the people of CBW changed into work mode and transformed their sacred Alter into a serving station for sandwiches and hot coffee. The people lined up as did the Tweens. Sandwiches and the socks rolled by the Wednesday Date Night kids were handed out and small groups of conversation began to form, in the rain. The light of God shined through the rain that afternoon.  camera 2015 7192
When we came back to Epiphany everyone was cold and wet but grateful for such an amazing experience. The Tweens were inspired by this experience and hope to participate again in the future.


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