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Believing that all people are ministers, our community relies on the work and service of many lay leaders, in addition to our clergy and staff.


Leadership of our church resides in the vestry. Members of the vestry serve for three-year terms, with officers chosen each year.

Janice Johnson, Senior Warden
Anne Bryant, Junior Warden
Kristen Dee, Treasurer
Paula Pletcher, Clerk
Michelle Callahan ‘15
Andrea Bond ‘15
John D’Alessandro ‘15
Gretchen Gammons ‘16
Vivian Johnson ‘16
Arthur Manning ‘16
Kevin Kelley ‘17
Edie Menard ‘17
Christopher Utter ‘17

Commissions and Ministry Leaders

The spiritual life and work of our community is organized into commissions which oversee our ministry. Commissions meet regularly to coordinate many aspects of our life together as a congregation. Anyone interested in participating in these ministries should contact members of the relevant commission.

Buildings and Grounds

Chair: Richard Messier
Executive Oversight: Janice Johnson
Regular Monthly Meeting: 1st Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m.
Commission Members: Richard Messier, Mike Seger, Alex Pilato, Bruce Lambert
(Jim Hibbert, the Sexton, does routine building maintenance.)


Chair: Suellen Franze
Executive Oversight: Edmund Harris (Assistant to the Rector)
Regular Monthly Meeting: Second Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.
Commission Members: Suellen Franze,Edmund Harris, Jim Bryant, Jessica D'Alessandro
• Godly Play: Marie Valente & Andrea Bond
• Materials Coordinator: Jessica D'Alessandro
• Nursery: Julie Trudeau
• Bible Study: Carol Marsland, Richard Marsland
• Sunday Adult Forum: Edmund Harris
• J2A Coordinator: Jessica D'Alessandro
• Rite – 13: John D'Alessandro & Anna Highsmith
• J2A: Tom Mistretta and Jessica D’Alessandro
• Spirituality & the Arts: Suellen Franze
• Epiphany Pageant: Judy Lockard


Chair: Scott Haggerty
Executive Oversight: Scott Haggerty (Treasurer)
Regular Monthly Meeting: Determined by commission
Commission Members: Bob Bergstrand, George Nunes, Jennifer Pedrick (Rector), Steve McGrath
• Endowment Fund: Bob Bergstrand
• Counters: Vivian Johnson
• Auditors: George Nunes
• Budget Preparation and oversight


Co-Chairs: Judy Lockard, Virginia Rocha
Executive Oversight: Edmund Harris (Assistant to the Rector)
Regular Monthly Meeting: First Thursday, 6:00 pm
Commission Members: Judy Phillips, Mary-Beth McGrath, Valerie Till, Michele Goss
• Coffee Hour: Anne Bryant & Virginia Rocha
• Pumpkin Patch/Fair:
• Special Events


Chair: Maurice Holmes, Judy Phillips
Executive Oversight: Dennis Burton
Regular Monthly Meeting: Fourth Thursday of the month, 7 p.m.
Commission Members: Brett Brumbaugh, Anne Bryant, Rhoda Bucci, Dot Campbell, Suellen Franze, Gretchen Gammons, Kathy Ivey, and Charlene Underhill
• Grace Soup Kitchen: Suellen Franze
• Bread of Life Food Pantry: Maurice Holmes
• Disbursement of funds: Maurice Holmes
• Undergarment Collection
• Christmas in July
• Adopt a family
• Hat & Mitten Tree
• Christmas Cookie Swap for Food Pantry
• Episcopal Charities:
• Hymn sings: Nat Taylor (music)
• Thrift Shop: Carolyn Fogarty
• Community Garden: Anne Bryant, Brett Brumbaugh

Pastoral Care

Chair: Gracelynn Rizzolo
Executive Oversight: Jennifer Pedrick (Rector)
Regular Monthly Meeting: 4th Wednesday, 7 p.m.
Commission Members: Gracelynn Rizzolo, Michelle Callahan, Megan Mistretta, Phil Campbell
• Prayer Shawl Ministry: Beth Dench
• Meals to members: Gracelynn Rizzolo
• Eucharistic visitors: Anne Bryant
• Shut-in Holiday Cards: Janice Johnson
• Prayers of the People: Beth Dench (staff)
• Clergy Visiting: Jennifer (clergy)
• Baptism, Weddings, Funerals: Jennifer Pedrick (clergy)
• New Member Ministry: Phil Campbell, Irene Packer, Karen Virtue
• Member Development: Megan Mistretta
• Directory: Gracelynn Rizzolo


Chair: Pat Dumas
Executive Oversight: Jennifer Pedrick (Rector)
Regular Monthly Meeting: First Thursday, 7 p.m.
Members: Kristin Chase (pledge clerk), Jennifer Pedrick (Rector), Bo Ivey, Pat Dumas, Tom Mistretta
• Ministry Fair
• Year-round stewardship education
• Pledges: Ingathering, recording, reporting, acknowledging
• Ministry Commitment, gifts discernment
• Environmental Stewardship at home and church


Chair: Susan Murphy
Executive Oversight: Jennifer Pedrick (Rector)
Regular Monthly Meeting: First Wednesday, 5:30 p.m.
Commission Members: Jennifer Pedrick, Nat Taylor, Emily Dench, Jean LeBreux, Linda LeBreux, Pat Jeffrey, Susan Murphy, Edmund Harris, Sally Erskine, Bruce Lambert, Michelle Callahan, Adrienne Diaz
• Acolytes: Adrienne Diaz
• Altar Guild: Michelle Callahan
• Eucharistic Ministers: Pat Jeffrey
• Lectors: Sally Erskine
• Junior/Sr. Choirs: Nat Taylor (staff)
• Ushers: Bruce Lambert
• Greeters: Beverly Fairhurst